Infoladen Geburtstagsparty

radical dub kolektiv (zagreb)


endlich ist es wieder soweit: infoladen linz feiert den 2.geburtstag und macht natürlich wieder a supa festl. gute laune macht das unten beschriebene musikkollektiv, die wie immer voi leckere vokü und die coctails...hmm "i don't know what to say about our music, it's up to u, but u must see it live once, maybe you will be bored and maybe you will even like it, it's dub band with punk people and energy, loud party music, much more hard, upbeat and psychedelic than usual. but with nice melodies as well." usually, for punk people it's too much reggae, and for reggae people it's too much punk. it's definitely music that leaves some kind of effect... in the meantime, RDK published a first CD album, and i am writting you as we are going to european tour to promote the CD. before the tour we are also releasing a new single "Rajchice dub/Tomato jungle" 7" on Kingston rec., to announce the new album. we play usually around 90 minutes (yes, it's usual for this music), but have in mind that we have 5 DJ's in the band, and that we continue with the party for whole night long, and you can choose the programm: >>"Punk-Reggae Fiesta!" (punk bands that like music to dance: ska, reggae, rocksteady, latino, disco,...), >>"Reggaenerator" (roots reggae music, a lot of classics), >>"Dub Caffe" (more recent and progressive nu skool dub reggae, hybrids, digital steppas, massive hardsteppa dub, electronic style, drum'n'bass, jungle, breakbeat), >>"Tribalizer" (hard psychedelic trance), or a mixture of everything. *Vedran Meniga* independent booking agent/promoter Zvuk Mocvare / SwampSound label/booking pr/organizacija SEASPLASH Reggae Festivala HumanitaNova d.i.y. underground clubbing: "Punk-Reggae Fiesta!", "Dub Caffe", "Reggaenerator" bands: Radikal Dub Kolektiv, Motus, Nula, Zli Bubnjari